Thursday, April 9, 2009

out now from TG

Check out our binding story featuring Jules @ One over at Fantastics Mag now. Hair by Reginald Drummer @ Oliver Piro, Makeup by Cynthia Rose, styling by Angella N. And duh I shot it. I started wrapping up my friend Allida in my parents' sheer curtains and in plastic dry cleaning bags for faux fashion shoots when I started photography in the 10th grade. I decided to revisit that concept with this shoot and thank god my team helped me improve on it with real fabric and no curtain hooks. ;)

Also out now is our story with the incomparable Ilona @ Major in Lowdown Magazine. Found it yesterday finally at the local newsstand and am loving the layout. Go have a look for yourself, the cover is above. Hair by Reginald Drummer @ Oliver Piro, Makeup by Cynthia Rose, Styling by Anna Katsanis.

And finally, our hair editorial is out now in Karen Magazine. Well supposedly anyway, because we still haven't see it, but we did get this lovely pdf that the above image has come from. Hopefully the magazine will arrive stateside soon -- it also features stories by our friends Sarra Fleaur and GL Wood. Get here already! Hair by Lacy Redway, Makeup by Cynthia Rose, Styling by Angella N. and the model is Cristina Tosio @ Marilyn.


Anonymous said...

Love the hair image - such a blast!

Mo said...

zippered hair? i like it!