Saturday, February 28, 2009

Amazing Art

Seriously the bestest art I've seen in awhile. Via Rebel Art.

It is true

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Too cute

I had to post it. Thanks Gallery Photo.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Out now from TG

Check out the latest issue of BLINK magazine for our story with the amazing Shea @ IMG, Black Rabbit. Styled by Angella, makeup by Cynthia, hair by Elizabeth Morache.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Colette Calascione

I mean, WOW. Get a load of this stuff. I can not urge you enough to take some time out of your busy day to visit Colette Calascione's site and view her work archives. Creepy, gorgeous, disturbing, insane... all of these things and more. 100% amazing.

For Vacuuming or Outer Space

It is true


Monday, February 23, 2009

Peter Rules

Last night the first lady, Michelle Obama, wore a gown to the Governor's Ball by our wonderful, kind, talented, amazing friend Peter Soronen. My parents actually sent me the page of the Washington Post via email this morning with the news, they were so excited for him! Peter is a fabulous person who makes even more fabulous clothes, so it's no surprise that the first lady picked him to dress her for such a big occasion. Onward and upward, Peter!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Generally the "body as landscape" concept is super duper played out, but whoever created the above images (and thanks Ffffound user for not labeling them for the photographer!) seriously upped the ante on the game here. I love it. So witty and playful and beautifully done. A++++++++++.

If anyone knows who made these images, please let us know so we can credit properly!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Uncle Karl Has Lost His Damn Mind

OK, so awhile ago I had this crazy stupid idea that it would be mad funny and stupid to do a fashion shoot that revolved around models riding Segways. Boy, did I think this was a great idea. How funny would it be to see chix in gowns flowing out behind them as they scooted their asses around on 5th Ave or perhaps around near the projects? Damn funny, I thought. Not so funny, everyone else on TG pointed out. I eventually realized that Segways are super funny to watch, but it the hilarity really hinges on the motion factor -- we'd have to make a film to capture the funny, not stills. Angella put the smack down on me, and thank goodness. It was a stank idea.

Anyway, apparently Unkle Karl has no such "no" people on HIS team and thus has created A CHANEL SEGWAY. I guess rich people will buy anything with a double C on it -- fishing rods, skateboards -- boobs -- and now segways. oooooooookay. 

I have to say that seeing this contraption has re-inspired me, though. But in a totally different direction. Hmmmm. Sorry, Angie!

Friday, February 20, 2009

This post is not about fashion week

finally, right? a non fashion week post. phew.

anyway! first we present... a still from our "cover" of MODE mag that aired on Ugly Betty two weeks ago, featuring an amazing hat by the amazing Heather Huey and Alice @ One.

secondly, this is slightly off topic but not really because he is a fashion model, pictured here with the amazing Laurel @ NY Models, and also because sometimes i do just write junk about our cats and chickens and frogs, etc. anyway, our wonderful cat Mr Grumpy, above, is in hospital with congestive heart failure at the young age of 6 or so, apparently common in handsome Main Coons such as himself. please keep him in your thoughts and send him good vibes, or whatever, and stuff. he is awesome and needs to carry on for many more years and many more fashion spreads. we love you, Mr.

How do you like it?

First of all, TG's own Angella styled it up for VICTOR DE SOUZA's show @ the Plaza and did a freaking amazing job. Here she is on the right pointing to her fabulous logo on the signage outside. I still can't find any stills from this damn show! The clothes were gorgeous.

Timoxa @ Supreme walking for Kai Kuhne. Always love his stuff, and love her of course.

Chloe @ IMG walking for 3.1 Phillip Lim, Toni Maticevski and Elie Tahari.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Natalie is IT

Natalie is walking today for Rebecca Taylor. The fur is gross, but she looks lovely otherwise!

Good grief

Cintia Dicker @ Marilyn walking, or standing rather, for Tory Burch. Yay Cintia! She is the cutest.

Atong @ Trump walking for L'Wren Scott, Sophie Theallet and Reyes.

More more more

Natalie@IMG kicking butt for Rodarte for the 2nd year in a row!!!

Olesya @ Supreme is kicking more butt on the FW runways as well. Here she is for Cynthia Steffe and Vivienne Tam.

Also, kooky Hawa @ Trump walks for Sophie Theallet.

Lisa Porter @ Muse for Victoria Beckham. I love this collection, it is all gorgeous.

Super homie Laurel Stoval @ NY Models rocks it here for Bensoni and Chris Benz.

Martina Forever, again

Sheesh, you go away for 4 days and come back to Martina @ NY Models stomping all over the place! Here she is for Zero Maria Cornejo, Twinkle, Gerlan and Cynthia Rowley.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Erin + Lottie = YAY!

Erin M @ NY Models for Cho Cheng
P.S. Good friend of TG, Lottie keyed the makeup for the show! :)

A break from Fashion Week with KITTENS!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hey Ladies #3

Laurel Stovall @ NY Models for Jeremy Laing.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ta ta for now

image via

I'm leaving tomorrow for a little holiday to the forest to watch deer and sit under waterfalls and eat cookies and recharge. Hopefully some of the other TG turkeys will keep up the model report here on Book Report, but if not, you'll just have to amuse yourself for a week until we're back in service. Have a lovely rest of fashion week, for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing. Keep on keepin' on.

One more for the road

Natalie @ IMG rocks it out for Miss Sixty in the company of all the big, top girls. You rule, Nat!

So happy to see Yuliana Bondar doing super well this season on the runway, walking here for E. Y. Wada. Yuliana is a really amazing model and a super kooky, fun person to work with with great ideas. 

Martina @ NY Models is just out of control. Here she is for Boy by Band of Outsiders. I think Kanye and his crew were here, at least judging by the "front row" photos on Getty. Wooooooooo.

And the girls say

Martina @ NY Models is really the undisputed queen of the runway out of our pack of model buddies. Here she is walking for Elise Ă˜verland and rocking it out.

Laurel Stovall @ NY Models is kicking ass her first runway season, walking here for Vena Cava.

Timoxa @ Supreme in a much more flattering outfit than before, this time walking for Nicholas K.

Yuliana Bondar walking again, this time for Walter.

Atong @ Trump (we shot her for Gliteratti mag rock climbing) for Mara Hoffman. Why so sad?