Friday, February 20, 2009

This post is not about fashion week

finally, right? a non fashion week post. phew.

anyway! first we present... a still from our "cover" of MODE mag that aired on Ugly Betty two weeks ago, featuring an amazing hat by the amazing Heather Huey and Alice @ One.

secondly, this is slightly off topic but not really because he is a fashion model, pictured here with the amazing Laurel @ NY Models, and also because sometimes i do just write junk about our cats and chickens and frogs, etc. anyway, our wonderful cat Mr Grumpy, above, is in hospital with congestive heart failure at the young age of 6 or so, apparently common in handsome Main Coons such as himself. please keep him in your thoughts and send him good vibes, or whatever, and stuff. he is awesome and needs to carry on for many more years and many more fashion spreads. we love you, Mr.

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