Monday, February 9, 2009

why i dislike fashion week so intensely

the other day while shooting, anna pulled this image up on a fashion blog and i thanked my lucky stars that my attendance is not required at fashion week. everyone is just trying to outcool each other with crazy outfits and creative facial hair. we are so intense! we are Creatives! but we are also Serious, which you can tell by our briefcases! and we are Tough, via our faux brass knuckles! which are neon! look at our pocket squares!

i mean, when you need your outfit to send multiple messages instead of just opening your mouth you have a serious problem. also when you wear leopard print leggings and think it's ok.


Hillary said...

YOU are hilarious!! And SO right. I mean, wtf is that??

Nika said...

LOL! Love it.