Saturday, February 21, 2009

Uncle Karl Has Lost His Damn Mind

OK, so awhile ago I had this crazy stupid idea that it would be mad funny and stupid to do a fashion shoot that revolved around models riding Segways. Boy, did I think this was a great idea. How funny would it be to see chix in gowns flowing out behind them as they scooted their asses around on 5th Ave or perhaps around near the projects? Damn funny, I thought. Not so funny, everyone else on TG pointed out. I eventually realized that Segways are super funny to watch, but it the hilarity really hinges on the motion factor -- we'd have to make a film to capture the funny, not stills. Angella put the smack down on me, and thank goodness. It was a stank idea.

Anyway, apparently Unkle Karl has no such "no" people on HIS team and thus has created A CHANEL SEGWAY. I guess rich people will buy anything with a double C on it -- fishing rods, skateboards -- boobs -- and now segways. oooooooookay. 

I have to say that seeing this contraption has re-inspired me, though. But in a totally different direction. Hmmmm. Sorry, Angie!

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