Thursday, February 5, 2009

Everything now with more unicorns and rainbows!!!

I have to say that Cornify is the best use of the internet I have seen, um, basically EVER. It just spews unicorns, rainbows and sparkles over everything online. It is amazing. Watch as it improves both Book Report and my website!!! Unicorns make the news happier! They make Facebook less onerous. They make reading those stupid lists of 25 things about dull people less egregious. The only person that doesn't like unicorns is Souraya's boyfriend David and that is because he is one.


ktmell said...

um, i'm OBSESSED with unicorns.

when i was in 3rd-6th grade, i had a lavender room with lavender bedspread covered with rainbows and unicorns. it was also on the canopy over my bed. happiness!

Cynthia Rose - Makeup Artist said...

That unicorn thing is 100% awesome.