Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloweenie

Happy Halloweenie to all of you who celebrate the holiday, or those of you who just like to get tarted up and go out on the town. TG is going to be offline, most likely, until the middle of next week. We've got some work to do and places to be, and this n' that n' stuff like that. Ya know?


Lately, TG has really been feeling giant props. I am loving this image by one of my people, Riita Ikonen. I am totally all over her work. She is crazy in a good way. Here is some more stuff.

Riita writes: "For two years now we haven't had snow in Finland for Christmas. This is very unusual and worrying and prompted me to start an ongoing site specific project looking at the effects of global warming."

It's true. We haven't had snow in Finland and it stinks. It is so dark and rainy and depressing. It's called "Black Christmas" over there w/o snow. Her snowflake is cute though!

Feeling IT

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Paolo Does Something In Focus!!!

Thank god, for once in a blue moon Paolo Roversi has finally shot something in focus! I love his style for the most part, but I do find the fact that he does the same thing over and over and over and over again tiresome. It's nice to see something a bit different here, in the form of this mostly sharp focus editorial (and out of studio no less!) for Vogue Italia. See the rest of it over at Calikartel.

This editorial does sort of bring up the point that most photographers end up getting pigeonholed -- boxed in so to speak -- to a very strict style. Paolo is extremely well known for his available light, blurry images but I wonder if he ever gets bored shooting basically the exact same way? I certainly would love to see him try something new, but I doubt that is really an option for him, especially at this stage of his career. I understand that clients, agents, etc have a hard time selling and purchasing work that doesn't all look exactly the same stylistically, but I do think there is a point where that becomes dull for the photographer and the viewer as well. If Paolo brought out the hard edged strobes for a shoot I for one would love to see the results!

Yes. Yes.

stairs by Do Ho Suh.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One from the vault

photo by Kristiina Wilson, circa 2000

If only it were this easy.

Best Magazine Title Ever

Yes, it's Art Prostitute Magazine. I need say no more.

Monday, October 27, 2008

outtake from victoria's shoot

photograph by Kristiina Wilson

TG loves Victoria. And lobster bibs.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Monday!

Image from FFFFound

I don't really subscribe to the notion of Mondays being crap as I work every day like most of us in fashion, but I do enjoy finding images that illustrate the idea.

This weekend was super busy

image from

Phew. I am exhausted from this weekend's work. While I didn't get around to building the above cool house tunnel, I did run around doing a super secret shoot of some apparently extremely famous young men that make small children cry hysterically (in awe, I think). It was pretty crazy. There were also tiny grilled cheese sandwiches but I didn't get any. That was ok though.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Creepy Creeperston

by Director Jonas Akerlund. Of course, I love this. It might be a bit NIN or "the Ring" in spots but it's still gorgeous.

Viva Victoria

This weekend TG shot with the AMAZING Victoria @ NY Models. She is 100% fabulous. Gorgeous face, amazing movements, natural actress. Victoria was perfect for our still + film project and she was right in sync with us. Book her now if you know what's good for you!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Artsy Fartsy

Doze Green, Jonathan Levine and Blek Le Rat.

Ian Kuali'i, Doze Green and Orlando Reyes.

Malena and Cynthia Rose.

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending NYC's legendary Doze Green and French artist Blek Le Rat's dual solo art opening at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. I got to party, get my picture taken like I was a busy and important person, drink free booze, smoke cigarettes on a rooftop in Chelsea with an amazing view and oh yeah, look at some fantastic art. Doze's work is even more impressive in person, I highly recommend seeing the show. Word up.

An old hit from the vault

Today I started burning some old files to dvds for storage and while going through an old job for Splendora I found these fabulous shots of Harri modeling for the job. I just had to make a grid and share them with the world. He's really working it in the photos and got some free tshirts for his trouble. Ahh, the life of a supermodel.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Unkle Karl Strikes Again

Bang Bang. Gun shoes from Chanel and good time family favorite, your crazy Unkle Karl. Oooooooooookay. 

Required Immediately

Hand Tattooed chair by Mama Tried and tattoo artist Scott Campbell. Honestly, everything at this store is required. Please send us 1 of everything. That would be just dandy, thanks.


No this is not a still from the film. Clicky clicky below to see it.

We order you to vote for us @ the AMC short film Fear contest. Click here to do so, post haste. Do it! You know you want to. Everybody else is doing it. Come on. It's cool! Do it. Do it.

video art by William Lamson

We are up to the wazoo in work right now, so to tide you over we present these fabulous works of video art by William Lamson.He really likes balloons. Enjoy.

A+ art

"Opto-Isolator (2007: Golan Levin with Greg Baltus) inverts the condition of spectatorship by exploring the questions: "What if artworks could know how we were looking at them? And, given this knowledge, how might they respond to us?" The sculpture presents a solitary mechatronic blinking eye, at human scale, which responds to the gaze of visitors with a variety of psychosocial eye-contact behaviors that are at once familiar and unnerving. Among other forms of feedback, Opto-Isolator looks its viewer directly in the eye; appears to intently study its viewer's face; looks away coyly if it is stared at for too long; and blinks precisely one second after its visitor blinks."

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Artist's Survival Kit

Keri Smith has created The Artist's Survival Kit. It's quite clever. Go check it out. Here is what she says it is for:

"For the really bad days, for the days when you want to quit, when you feel like everything you do is shit, when you feel your self-esteem plummet, when you decide that you would rather wait tables for a living, when you start to think you will never make a living making art, when you are working on something and feel like you hate it more than you've ever hated anything in your life, when someone makes an offhand remark about your work and afterwards you feel dejected, when you wish you had gone to school for accounting, when you start to believe that maybe your family was right, when you want to lie in bed for a month and eat chips."

Jellyfish that won't sting you

10 points and a gold star go to anyone that can name the artist who shot these amazing jellyfish images. I found them on FFFFound, of course, and as a matter of course, they weren't tagged. Send help.


Gemma Booth's amazing, whimsical, funny and fashion forward images. Check them out! There is a robot in there!


This is seriously the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. I love it! Messed UP.

Happy Monday!

While TG is working, enjoy this cute film and go out and get some sunshine. Maybe you'll find a friendly giraffe in the trees!

Taller Than Trees from Joseph Mann on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

This weekend is ALL about

Hall & Oates

TG's shoot @ the Hudson Hotel

Let Them Eat Cake

Victoria @ NY Models

Lobster Bibs

Skull Vodka


Photo cakes

Granny panties



Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bookworm: Team Genius' New Fashion Film!

Directed/Edited by Kristiina Wilson
Styled by Angella N.
Makeup by Cynthia Rose for M.A.C.
Hair by Lacy Redway
Model is Erin M. @ ID
Thanks to Harri Kallio for carting and lugging!
Thanks also to Fred Wilken and the NYC Parks Department!

Out now by Team Genius

Check out TG's story in this month's Glitterati Magazine at any newsstand near you. For Meteorite we traveled to Pennsylvania and were lucky enough to be able to experience shooting in a surface coal mine. It was an amazing location and we have the good folks at Lehigh Engineering to thank for it.

Canvas magazine story

Photograph by Kristiina Wilson

Canvas Magazine just launched a mini magazine about the work of yours truly. Canvas is a gorgeous magazine out of Australia and I'm super excited to be part of their team. Click here to check out the mini-mag.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Boris Ovini

I think Boris Ovini is TG's brother from another mother. Seriously. Skulls, hair in face, saran wrap, general creepy creeperston vibe... I am loving it. Visit his website immediately for more amazing goodness. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

FffFound inspiration

All images by Andrea Galvani


Detailed closeup of magnetic structures on the Sun's surface, seen in the H-alpha wavelength on August 22, 2003. (Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope (SST) operated by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Oddbjorn Engvold, Jun Elin Wiik, Luc Rouppe van der Voort)

Amazing new images of the sun. View all of them here at The Big Picture.

Monday, October 13, 2008

If God Loves Me, Why Can't I get My Locker Open?


This has absolutely zero to do with fashion, photography or anything normally discussed here, but was so amazing and awesome it required posting. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Mitchell Feinberg

Photographs by Mitchell Feinberg

I am always impressed and, frankly, somewhat amazed when I see innovative and fresh still life work. I have never been able to get very excited or motived about photographing objects and I really respect photographers that can come up with creative concepts to showcase things. Mitchell Feinberg is one such photographer and I highly urge a visit to his website to check out his fabulous work.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shea does the bunny hop

Last week Angella, Cyndi, Liz Morache and I worked together on a story with the amazing Shea @ IMG. I shot her last spring with Yahaira, Souraya and Andy in the park near my house for SC mag, and she was super awesome, so I was jazzed to hear she was back in the city for a minute between Asia and Australia. And darned if she isn't an even more amazing model now! Shea was gorgeous and smart and fun to work with back then, but she has grown in leaps and bounds in the rigorous school that is the asian fashion world. We literally had to give her no instruction. She showed up, got her hair and makeup did, threw on the clothes and did her thing. Amazing. 

An outtake from last year's shoot with Shea during the lunch break. Shea is wearing a photo gel as a bib. That's Yahaira's gentleman friend Dario to her right.

Shea in last year's SC mag shoot. 

In addition, Angella has been upping her game lately working with Harri to create some crazy accessories in the studio. A few weeks ago she made the book hat and a few other hats to go with our shoot with Ali @ Next, and this week she made the amazing crazy bunny ears Shea is wearing above. Angella is genius!