Thursday, October 30, 2008


Lately, TG has really been feeling giant props. I am loving this image by one of my people, Riita Ikonen. I am totally all over her work. She is crazy in a good way. Here is some more stuff.

Riita writes: "For two years now we haven't had snow in Finland for Christmas. This is very unusual and worrying and prompted me to start an ongoing site specific project looking at the effects of global warming."

It's true. We haven't had snow in Finland and it stinks. It is so dark and rainy and depressing. It's called "Black Christmas" over there w/o snow. Her snowflake is cute though!

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Sunlight In The Rain said...

have you ever heard of ellinor eklund?

she did the props for robyn's konichiwa bitches video!

i love her work!