Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shea does the bunny hop

Last week Angella, Cyndi, Liz Morache and I worked together on a story with the amazing Shea @ IMG. I shot her last spring with Yahaira, Souraya and Andy in the park near my house for SC mag, and she was super awesome, so I was jazzed to hear she was back in the city for a minute between Asia and Australia. And darned if she isn't an even more amazing model now! Shea was gorgeous and smart and fun to work with back then, but she has grown in leaps and bounds in the rigorous school that is the asian fashion world. We literally had to give her no instruction. She showed up, got her hair and makeup did, threw on the clothes and did her thing. Amazing. 

An outtake from last year's shoot with Shea during the lunch break. Shea is wearing a photo gel as a bib. That's Yahaira's gentleman friend Dario to her right.

Shea in last year's SC mag shoot. 

In addition, Angella has been upping her game lately working with Harri to create some crazy accessories in the studio. A few weeks ago she made the book hat and a few other hats to go with our shoot with Ali @ Next, and this week she made the amazing crazy bunny ears Shea is wearing above. Angella is genius!

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