Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Like, OMIGOD, Peace is like, totally cool!

I bet if you let a teen or pre-teen girl art direct a fashion shoot it would come out looking either exactly like a Delia's catalog, or JUST LIKE THE EDITORIAL ABOVE. Peace signs DRAWN ON THE FACE (wtf?), words written on the mouth (so deep!) and then random flowers drawn all over the place as the finale. Awesome!

In actuality, this editorial was for Tush mag and was shot by photographer Armin Morbach and "uses fashion to protest war and promote peace." Er... uh... right. Because top government officials and big time decision makers are looking in obscure fashion magazines like Tush for excruciatingly over the top ham handed "statement" shoots to push them in one direction or another. Especially shoots that feature pig head masks. Because a world in peace will include more.... decapitated pig heads?


ariel romano said...

bear heads and pig head maks?
this must be my favourite blog!

Sunlight In The Rain said...

i produced the first issue's cover! two or three versions of noot. it was a great photo shoot!

when we were talking about it, i was like... "come again?... umm, tush? do you mean touch (with a german accent) does it mean something in german? do you guys know what it means in english?"