Thursday, January 22, 2009

See You Next Week


All of TG is going to be busy working together today through Tuesday on a bunch of hood rat stuff. Just kidding, we're shooting a ton of editorials. We decided to carry on with what has already been a fairly busy shooting season in this new year by scheduling a bunch of stuff in a row with no time off whatsoever. Probably by Tuesday morning we are going to be so tired that we will feel as if we are in the above photograph. Our Sunday shoot for Mirage Mag has a swim-up bar though, so maybe we'll feel that way already Sunday night. Let's see!

At any rate, Book Report is going to be on hold until we all get a chance to catch our breath. For now, just enjoy this tasty slice of watermelon, or the scary balloons. Ring ring. Your brasierre is calling.

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Stacy said...

That photo is awesome.