Monday, December 1, 2008

The best thing ever

OK, this is seriously the bestest, funniest, greatest thing ever. A "documentary" by William Wegman about Man Ray and Man Ray -- the artist and Wegman's dog. It is 100% genius, from the random high school yearbook photos to the teddybear dying. Here is some artist statement blah blah about it:

"In William Wegman's "Man Ray, Man Ray," the biographies of Wegman's dog and of the artist Man Ray merge. Host Russell Connor provides straightforward documentary-style narration of important details of both lives -- life in Paris, the Armory Show, artistic influences, and obedience school. Samples of photographic works by Man Ray and Wegman's video work (featuring his dog Man Ray) are included. Key figures in the artist's life are represented by images from a high school yearbook and other "found" photographs."

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