Monday, December 15, 2008

To sum up

image by David Shrigley. Yay.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of shoots, travel, bookings, sickies, coughing, couches, cats, more shoots and no sleep till brooklyn (ps, we never go to brooklyn). Today Cyndi and I realized that we need a break, hardcore - and I know we can speak for Angella and probably Lacy as well on this one. It's good the holidays are coming up -- we will get a few days off, at least! We love what we do so much that we sometimes run ourselves ragged trying to do as many jobs and crazy ideas that we can. I for one will enjoy a few days off in my jammers, eating some more Tofurkey and watching more bad tv with Harri and the cats.

Roundup: Cyndi, Lacy and I shot a mocku-candy beauty story, coming to you soon in Cream Mag, with the fabulous Kate Rooper @ IMG. We shot Amy @ NEXT for Codigo, pictured below, and Timoxa @ Supreme in some crazy saran wrap wigs on blood-spatter embroidered chairs for l’EDITO. Leoni @ IMG got shot in the studio for, and yesterday we had the pleasure of working with Cintia Dicker @ Marilyn on a multi faceted project that had a ton of cooks in the kitchen, but should have some amazing results. Today TG shot a holiday fashion film with Erin, and Friday some of us are working on a new editorial in NJ with Anna styling (provided I can get our minivan out of the townpound by then!). Sunday brings a Mirage mag pool shoot and the close of 08 fashion shoots for TG, unless something else sneaks up on us before then. And all the above doesn't include everyone's individual projects and jobs. Phew.

With all this going on, Book Report may fall mostly off our radar until the holidays actually get here. Let's all make sure to take care of ourselves and rest up for a great new season in 09!

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