Thursday, December 25, 2008

Is this the "worst photograph ever made"?

by Annie Leibovitz for the 2009 Lavazza espresso calendar

According to Mike Johnson's site, The Online Photographer, the above is the worst photograph ever made. Now, I'm not a fan of Annie's work (it's not very smart and she doesn't even set it up herself), but naming something the "worst" photograph is 100% subjective and honestly, a little bit silly. This is a terrible photograph, for sure -- what with the blatant product placement and the out of control photoshop and the fur and the BABIES! but... eh. It's not shocking. I feel like I could find this image on the website of any number of craigslist posting "fashion" photographers with annoying-music playing websites. What it says about Annie that she now joins their ranks is nothing good, but that's her business.

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