Friday, August 29, 2008

Awful awfulness

BBDO and Dexim shoes have collaborated to steal the work of several of our friends -- Lottie, Jamie Nelson and the rest of their team. Compare and contrast the images below. Jamie's came first, several years ago.

Image by Jamie Nelson, for Blink Magazine

Image by Leslie Meyers for Dexim Shoes for BBDO Atlanta.

We are beyond appalled and disgusted. To so blatantly steal and copy every single detail of an original piece of work for commerce is foul and above all LAZY. Shame on BBDO and Dexim Shoes. Is coming up with your own idea so hard these days? Or is picking up a phone to hire Jamie and her team to shoot your campaign even harder? We have a hard time understanding how the "creatives" behind this shoot could be so obtuse as to not think anyone would notice their thievery -- and now their client looks bad. What this ad now tells us is that Dexim shoes are cheap, of low quality and are probably copied from other designers. Probably not at the top of their list of selling points. 


lottie - makeup artist said...

I am still shocked about this, its just

Carol said...

On another blog there was a discussion of the differences/nuances of the two photos. Quite an absurd thread.

How it could be more blatant I could not say! How many photo shoots incidentally contain yellow rolled hair? To their credit they did paint her fingernails yellow-- an original touch aside from slightly skewing the nearly identical background.

My question is: 1) How could they think to get away with this?
2) Wouldn't it have been less work to come up with their own idea & shoot?

This is an obvious direct ripoff of an obviously very talented artist. Nelson should follow this incident to its logical conclusion-- reparations and a very public apology to the artist.

Carol said...

Let me amend the last post.

The team that works with Nelson must be truly awesome to assist in the creation of such a fabulous shoot!

Something good will come of this.