Thursday, August 7, 2008


These gorgeous images were shot for Numero Tokyo by Alix Malka, but leave us wondering what Howard Schatz must think about them -- he kind of has the underwater floating ladies with swirly pretty fabric market covered. As soon as we saw the images we figured Howard must have shot them, and were surprised to see a different photographer in the credit line. These photos make us wonder how far a photographer can go in marking his or her territory visually. Obviously other people are going to shoot underwater fashion images, but did Numero ask Alix to shoot in his style? Could Alix have been unaware of Howard's work? Did he just not care? Or was this simply the best way to shoot the clothing and everyone involved said too bad, Howard doesn't own underwater fashion w/ a black background? TG is very curious about how this all played out and what would Howard Schatz do?

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