Friday, August 1, 2008

Uncle Karl Goes Fishing

Yeah so NY Mag photoshopped Uncle Karl into this nature scene, but the fishing rod is real Chanel. It's true? TG is ages behind on this story, but Chanel is selling fishing rods for a whopping £9,170, along with a set of meticulously tied, monochrome Chanel flies, all in a black leather box. Logo is included, of course.

Who would use this monstrosity, you ask? Perhaps the same people who purchased the Chanel boomerang, when that was around. Or perhaps people like the fellow we heard about earlier today when at PS1 with a collector friend. Our collector friend's acquaintance purchases very expensive paintings and likes to display his artwork on his yacht, but finds the cost of insuring paintings stored at sea to be prohibitive. So he simply commissioned some good fakes and displays those instead, while keeping the real deal in a bank vault.

TG imagines that guy would like a good Chanel fishing rod for his boat.

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