Friday, August 15, 2008

Uncle Karl Keeps it Up, We Try to Follow SUit

For this month's issue of Harper's Bazaar, Uncle Karl proclaims his desire to be a gangsta rapper. How can you not love this crazy fellow? We wonder if he would ever wear a grill.

In other news, we've finally arrived in Scandinavia after sitting for 4 hours in the plane before taking off and for 1 hour before deplaning after arrival. Thank god for the beds in Finnair planes and for the tasty food pictured above, served with beautiful cutlery and glassware. Warm garlic bread and good wine kept us from loosing it as a 7 hour trip turned into a 12 hour one. Yay for individual mini pots of salt and pepper, Iittala glasses, stewardesses in long black leather gloves and impeccable service.

We're now firmly ensconced in the lovely GLO hotel Helsinki (site of the above editorial job we shot for ffmagazine here in Finland a few years back). After a quick snack and run to the gym we plan on hitting the snooze button hard before getting to work next week on campaigns and editorials here. Tomorrow it's off to see CSS play at Flow Festival and start location scouting. See you soon!

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