Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stupid Steps Out

Tonight, selected TG members and one of their favorite splinter factions are going to see George Michael in concert. Yeah yeah, stop giggling. George is great! TG paid top dollar for some hot ass seats. Anyway, we are wondering why lately George has been masquerading as a blind man. Witness this cover of his latest compilation album, 25:

Doesn't it look an awful lot like the images always used to sell cds by famous non-sighted opera singer, Andrea Bocelli?

We are guessing a bad eye job or some such is the culprit here, but it's still odd that the CD or AD or whoever was in charge here didn't notice the similarities and choose a different shot. We have been seeing the George promo posters and billboards all over town and always have a giggle at his expense. And obviously, Mr. Michael is a man who needs to be taken seriously.


angella said...

HAHAH that is too mean!
but the resemblance IS uncanny...

TeamGenius said...

I love how we just comment about each other's posts on this darn blog. We are idiots.