Sunday, July 20, 2008

When You are Engulfed in Flames

No silly, it's not a ghost -- it's just Harri with a little tick protection. Yesterday we met several deer and lots and lots of bugs. We were shooting extra pages for Stimuli Mag, bringing our story up to 20 pages (phew!), and almost set Cynthia on fire in the process. More behind the scenes action to follow once we've doused ourselves appropriately.

Harri and Randy, our fabulous little flash unit that Harri builds amazing accessories for. In this shot Randy is wearing a lovely softbox fashioned from things collected from ebay and banged into life in the studio's metalshop. Let's all hear it for Randy! (Randy II, the Terminator, not pictured.)

Morgan, our little dynamo from One. She put up with the heat, smoke, bugs and all the annoyances that went along with this shoot -- including all of TG singing "Lighten Up It's Just Fashion" 500 times and subjecting her to the Mr. T video. Go Morgan!

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