Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We Like You

The four of us on the team often talk about how much we like and respect the work of our peers in each of our respective fields (hair, makeup, style and photo) and what a shame it is that people in the fashion industry, and within each field especially, can be so insular and protective of themselves -- ie, we each don't have a lot of friends that do exactly what we do because people get really weird with each other. It's too bad. It would be great if the community could be less afraid and/or wary and a bit more open to dialogue and genuine support, but fashion especially really isn't geared towards giving.

That said, here are some photographers that we think are super cool!

Catherine Louis

Christopher Bush

Jamie Chung

Linus Ricard

Rony Shram

But where are all the ladies? Please feel free to send in your favorite women fashion photographers, or just photographers in general.

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