Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Super Fab

Sarah Illenberger is creating the most bizarre, fabulous and uncategorizable (is that even a word? No.) artwork for editorials that we have seen in ages. Amazing, gorgeous, thoughtful things. Insert more adjectives here. Or... some pictures! How about that instead.

Crocheted organs for SZ magazine. Don't you just want to cuddle with them? We do.

For Style & The Family Tunes magazine. Whimsical, fun and happy. Yay!

For Vorn magazine. Totally gross so we love it.

Also on the TG radar: 

Ricardo Rendón, Papel de Trabajo, 2007.
Punched paper, 128 x 250 cm
Galeria Enrique Guerrero

Now showing at SCOPE Hamptons, East Hampton Studios, 77 Industrial Road Wainscott NY 11975.

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