Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Imagine TG's shock when Jerry from FORM NYC was one of tonight's competitors on Project Runway V. The NYC fashion crowd must have collectively gasped when he appeared on screen. Whatever for? FORM is well established and one of TG's favorite design houses. Imagine our utter shock and horror when he was the first to go, instead of the makers of a garbage bag gown or a picnic tablecloth/doggie bag mess. We actually loved Jerry's evil killer raincoat getup, circa Clockwork Orange, especially when accessorized with those dishwashing gloves. Honestly, it was brilliant. Maybe not so wearable for the everyday person, but it was certainly fresh and interesting and scary in a fun way. At the very least, wasn't it better than this?

Could they have picked a worse image of Jerry's creation? The model is so over it and the garment is blown out. Way to justify your call, PR producers.

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