Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yesterday's Field Trip

Yesterday we took a field trip for an editorial location shoot. We shot Irina @ One, a absolute stunner. The life of a model really requires so much energy and dedication -- ours was her 3rd job of the day, and the 6th day in a row of hard double and triple bookings. Thankfully she has today off. 

A few outtakes in RAW for the peanut gallery. It was a long night and we got back to Alphabet city around 2:30am. Can you guess where we were? Dominoes DID deliver. Cheesy bread with the garlic dipping sauce rules.

No, this is not a smoke or haze machine. It's not a really heavy cigarette smoker either.

Irina is so tired, but still lovely.

Cynthia and Angella work out the kinks.

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