Friday, September 26, 2008

Babies and poop on your face. Really.

If you want to read about some serious wackjobs putting crazy junk on their faces in the name of beauty, look no further than this article on By Liane Yvkoff.

"Applying afterbirth to your face may sound extreme, but it's not the only offbeat treatment being touted by some spas and dermatologists. There's gemstone therapy, skin treatments that contain nightingale droppings or 24 karat gold leaf and even facials for your fanny."

Yes folks, I believe she is talking about Anal Bleaching at the end there. And I have read previously about the resurgence of the old geisha face cream containing bird feces that whitened the skin. Maybe we should just go back to arsenic and leave crap out of it.

Has fashion really gone this far? I should have saved chickie's copious amounts of poop -- perhaps it would have been marketable as some type of new facial product if I mixed it with, say, some mayo and a dollup of toothpaste for freshness. I mean, La Mer, anyone?

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