Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We heart stupid. And evil. Together!

At TG we of course LOVE anything evil, and throw in a dash of stupid and we're easily sold. Today we discovered Hara Kiri magazine, a highly controversial satirical French magazine published by humorist Georges Bernier, author François Cavanna and comic artist (and artistic director)Fred Aristidès in the 1960s. The magazine's subtitle Journal bête et méchant
literally translates to Stupid and Evil magazine and this was not an understatement. They were renowned for sticking it to the powers that be and at times during their publishing history, their controversial attitudes saw them being temporarily banned by the French Government.

A lot of the covers seem to center around the very minor and particular fetish of food porn. We are not talking about closeups of food in the way people who like Pottery Barn would talk about "food porn," we mean ladies fully clothed and covered in a bucket of tomato sauce or with a fish in their underpants. Yep, some people are into that. Hey, who are we to judge. We once saw a whole magazine of this shit where the centerfold was a 50 year old lady in an 80s business suit with a floppy tie blouse sitting in a bathtub covered in spaghetti. Yowza! Now that's what we call a centerfold.

Anyway, have a look at the rest of the covers, food porn included, if you'd like. You've been warned.

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