Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fashion Fun

Photo by Eddie Collins

TG's Lacy Doesn't Know how to take a break. While most of the members of TG were either away or catching up with loved ones, I kept shooting. I recently collaborated with fabulous makeup artist and friend of TG Viktorija Bowers and Extremely talented Photographer Michael David Adams . We shot some Amazing beauty images with three beautiful girls from MC2 and Women. I also Collaborated with Photographer Eddie Collins , a good friend of mine and also great a makeup artist Susan Donoghue on another beauty shoot. That Shoot was very different than any I have ever done. It was a Go See/ Photo shoot. I got to see some of the girls that may show up in TG's model packages in the future in person. We saw a lot of new faces in town and took pics with the girls we liked. We shot one of the new girls with Elite that was also on hold to do Prada.

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