Thursday, September 18, 2008

OYYYYYYYY Hollywood!

Watch intently as actress Anastasia Griffith (from the Emmy nominated TV show, Damages) makes her virginal jouney to the red carpet at the Emmy's this Sunday. Because I said so.
And because she was styled by TG's Angella N. And you gotta support.
A mini contest to her Emmy gown, between designers Thuy and Luca Luca, was put on by the lovely people at TV Guide (the show, not the pamphlet) and while it was good spirited and all, only one winner would arise. Look above for a not-so-subtle preview. The fresh and fun spirited acid-yellow dress suited the actress beautifully, and with the special finishing touches - well, she didn't look too shabby.
See for yourself and as always, feedback is appreciated...
"I.. welcome criticism." (she says, through gritted teeth.)

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