Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Better than a kick in the ass

all photos by Kristiina Wilson

I found out today that I was given 5 honorable mentions in the 08 International Photography Awards in the Advertising -- Fashion section. Those mentions were for the images above. The blah blah they told is:

"Congratulations. Your entries have been recognized by the IPA jurors as honorable mentions from amongst 22,000 entries submitted from 124 countries across the globe! The names of all Honorable Mention recipients will be published in the 2008 Annual Awards Book."

Woo Woo, and stuff.

The winners in the fashion section were:

Markus Klinko & Indrani
Ng Yuen Kwan Anita (AWESOME)


Cynthia said...

Rockin' like Dokken!

lacy said...

Awesome!!! congrats

angella said...

dood! thats MAJOR!!!
and ok wtf..youre in quasi league with klinko? yea he's all high profile but everything has been retouched to high heaven... mariah carey won't shoot with anyone else...what does THAT tell you?

Nicole said...

Go you! Congrats!