Thursday, September 18, 2008

Studio Chicken!

Last night while walking home from a belated bday dinner at Stanton Social with lovely Souraya, makeup artist to the stars, Harri and I came upon a baby chicken running down Ave C. In the garden on our block of 5th street there are many chickens and ducks, but we know all those birds and this was not one of them. We brought Mr. Chicken home and he's now happily clucking away in our little yard garden, eating oatmeal, strawberries and watermelon and shunning the low grade corn muffin we got from the deli (he only eats Whole Foods, it seems. Fancy!). Above is a photo of the chicken sitting in our windowsill and our cat Emmi trying to figure out how to get to him so that she can have a tasty snack. The chicken is super friendly and fun and likes to sit on top of Harri's head and take a nap.

I plan to take Mr. Chicken to a bird sanctuary in MD next week when I have a free day to make the 4+ hour drive to MD. If anyone has any chicken care tips in the meantime they would certainly be appreciated!

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Ju said...

This is Julia, the chica that scaled the fence to get chicken face back. I'm so happy to see that he/she is doing well, and that you are enjoying the new houseguest. What a lucky bird--so glad that you got him/her. (I thought it was a him because of the red thing growing out of his beak, but I'm no chicken expert).

Thanks for the good karma! Take care. Keep me posted.