Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Read This Blog Now

Our amazing friend Christiaan has a great blog called Sunlight In The Rain. It is hilarious and biting. Topics include fashion, photography and Doogie Howser. Check it out now!

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Sunlight In The Rain said...

aweeee! thanks you guys!

now i feel like i need to step my game up!

i miss nyc's fashion world so much!

i was watching the 30 minute rachel zoe project preview and i got all misty-eyed as that gay fuck-up fucked up the dresses and it reminded me of an old co-worker i had issues with... A RIPPED MISSONI KNITTED DRESS FROM VOGUE. THE HOLE WAS AS BIG AS PAMELA ANDERSON... and the ho played it off as if no one would notice.

i hate/love the fashion industry.