Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cheap High Fashion? No Way, Jose.

Yes Way, Jose. It's true. Along with retailers such as Target & H&M, Payless has snagged some amazing designers to create cost-conscious but gorgeous items for their consumers. I took a look today and found myself liking several items -- I would recommend heading over to your local Payless for a quality perusal if budget is any concern in this economy.

alice + olivia for Payless Jane Back Zip Boot, Price: $48.00

Abaeté for Payless Nell Pleated Peep Toe, Price: $38.00

Lela Rose and Patricia Field have also designed items. Go check it out.

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Sunlight In The Rain said...

oh. i own the abaete nell peep toe in silver!

the sucky thing about this... as well as target is that not every payless has these designer shoes. the one i went to recently only had lela rose and abaete, but not alice and olivia or patricia field. those two are at another payless.

i live about 2 blocks away from a target that doesn't have the go collection and the h&m that's 15 blocks away from me doesn't carry the designer collections either.

i live in a suburban unchic shopping center. boo.